It is not meant to be a dating or matchmaking website. It is designed to be used to meet like-minded people spontaneously when they are available to meet while sitting in a coffee shop, traveling away from home, killing time in a hotel lounge, at the airport, on a flight, or just visiting a new place.


Take a picture of yourself.


Take a picture of location you are at.


Specify your location on the Map.


Write a message and specify your availability duration.


After posting, you can check who is available at your location by selecting a radius around you.


Check the person's posted information and meet him at that spot.

How It Works

  • A post can be made by providing the following information:
    a) Post a selfie (your picture at that moment, selecting from the gallery is not possible).
    b) Post a locpic (a picture of your location/ distinguishable surroundings).
    c) Specify your location. The application detects your location on a map with the help of GPS but you can tweak it and make it accurate as you like.
    d) Write something interesting or something to elaborate your location or the mood.
    e) Choose a duration for which you will be available.

    A post is not visible to others after the selected duration expires. You can be considered available to others if you make a post with a picture of yourself and your current location to show that you are really available at the current location. Posts without real pictures or without real locations may not be considered by others as posts of a really available person and also can not be used by others to locate you. Help others to help yourself.

    A post can be deleted before the end of selected duration and a new post can be made. A post can also be deleted after the end of selected duration, so that it does not show in your history.

  • a) When you make a post, you earn a curio.
    b) If a post is deleted before the end of selected duration, the earned curio is lost.
    c) If a post is not deleted before the end of the selected duration, the earned curio is not lost.
    d) When you send a salute to someone, you lose a curio.

  • Only when you have earned at least one curio, you can check who is available at your location by selecting a radius around you.

  • a) You can send a salute (i.e. like someone's post) only when you have earned at least one curio. You will lose one curio when you send a salute.
    b) After sending a salute, you can take your chances and try to find the person at their posted location.
    c) Alternatively, you can wait and see if the other person salutes you back. If two persons salute each other, it should mean that both are available to meet with each other.
    d) There is no messaging allowed. You know the location, all you have to do is walk up to the other persons location, recognize them from the selfie and selfloc, and say Hi.

  • A post is available for 2 or less hours. After the expiry of selected duration the post automatically becomes unavailable to others, but shows on your history page. You can delete your older posts if you like.

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